AWAR - Things Of That Nature / Nature Of The Beast Double EP (CD)

Image of AWAR - Things Of That Nature / Nature Of The Beast Double EP (CD)

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New York's buzz maker AWAR proudly presents the physical CD release of his double EP, "Things Of That Nature" and "Nature Of The Beast." The combination of box cutter quotables, a private eye's intuition, a refined ear for premium hip-hop production, vivid story-telling and an aggressive style make AWAR one of the finest emcees to surface in years.

This project has original production from Alchemist, M-Phazes, Sid Roams, Vanderslice, Frank Dukes, Ayatollah and Deejay Tone and features include Joe Budden, Mic King, Vanderslice, Kid A and Lawrence Arnell. AWAR has released videos for three of the CD singles, including "Orange Boxcutter", "My Story" and "Soul Caliber", directed by Puma.

Things Of That Nature EP composes the first seven tracks of the CD, an introduction into the musical mind of AWAR. This is the more introspective side of the disc, with Nature Of The Beast being the straight forward, in-your-face aggressive piece starting from track 8 on. AWAR is a masterful wordsmoth, effortlessly blending impeccable timing, wordplay, metaphors, imagery, ,oods and real talk in his distinctive NY delivery. With the momentum of the music on this disc, AWAR was able to earn a spot in XXL Magazine's "The Break" section in November and received hype from many of the most influential hip-hop blogs on the Internet. The college radio single, "Standout" feat. Joe Budden B/W "Orange Boxcutter"/ "Nuclear" spent weeks in the charts and peaked in the top 3 on both RapAttackLives and Record Breakers.

This CD also serves as the first two pieces of the AWAR "Nature Series" trilogy. With a full length album on the way in July 2012 called "The Laws Of Nature", things are sure to heat up once again for AWAR in the near future. The new AWAR CD/Split EP is a rare gem and an essential piece of music to add to any hip-hop fan's collection